Catriona Murphy, Fantasy Novel, Return of the Starchild

Author Shots for Upcoming Release of Return of the Starchild

Leading up to the release of Return of the Starchild, book one of the Divine Inheritance series, a half day went into taking the ideal author shots for the book’s upcoming release! Taken on the grounds of Drimnagh Castle, an ancient building that dates back to the 13th century, images were taken within the interior of the castle as well as on the beautiful castle grounds.

The overall aim was to get a look that coincided with the aesthetic feel and genre of the book, without being cliche e.g. images of a suit of armour! With a huge thanks to Firechild Photography, some fantastic shots were created on the day that worked well for the book as well as the author profiles.

Take a sneak peak below!

Fantasy novel author image
Author Shot 1 (Castle Interior)
Author Shot 2 (Castle Interior)
Fantasy book - Return of the Starchild Author
Author Shot 3 (Castle Exterior)
Fantasy Novel, Return of the Starchild

Return of the Starchild Trailer Release

So it’s time for the grand reveal of the trailer for book one of the Divine Inheritance series – Return of the Starchild. Please watch below and comment if you feel like it 🙂

The trailer lightly touches on the details of the book, leading up to the book’s final release at the end of August.

The Starchild Returns…

We see that Iliana, a young woman struggling to live with adoptive parents in an abusive home, is chased out of her home town in England by a creature who is hunting her. With a few surprises along the way, she is rushed through a border where she emerges into another world known simply as the ‘Otherworld’. Here, she finds herself navigating this world that may hold the answer to her burning question of who – and where – her real parents are,  and who she really is.

However, the world is inhabited by faeries that guard gates to other domains, wild bandits, a Mad Queen, people who can do terrible magick and worse besides.Iliana must learn to survive the world she has been thrown into and finds answers on her inheritance, and why she is being hunted.

When she finds her way back to her roots, will the truth she’s yearned for so long offer closure or unfold an existence paved with more strife? Discovering her inheritance may come with a price.