Divine Inheritance Series

The Divine Inheritance Seriesy

Return of the Starchild (Book One)
Plagued by the daily tortures of living in an abusive home and haunted by the mystery surrounding her adoption, Iliana tries to focus as her final exams loom. However, everything she knows is put into question when a dark creature appears in her town of Walkers Fall, and tries to kill her.

Iliana is then whisked away into the Otherworld, where faeries guard gates to other domains, a mad queen reigns and wild bandits roam freely. Iliana finds herself chased continuously by an unknown enemy in a foreign world, and is forced to trust no one yet question everything she knows about herself.

Realising she finally has a chance to find her real family, she seeks them out. But will the truth she’s yearned for so long offer closure, or unfold an existence paved with strife?
Her inheritance, Iliana may find, could cost more than anything she’s ever endured.

 Reviews from readers of the book

For her first book I have to award 5/5 and look forward with anticipation to books 2 and 3

John Logan

Loved it from start to finish. I couldn’t put it down.

Katie Keeley

A real page turner! Nearly read it all in one day. I passed the title of it onto some of my friends who’re real fantasy readers to have a go.

Heather Beasley