Fantasy Novel, Return of the Starchild

Endurance – What is the Alternative?

Endurance is a huge theme in the book series, the Divine Inheritance, but it can also act as the background story in our lives. Who can really put their hand up and say that they’ve managed to get this far in life without endurance? I’d imagine very few. What Iliana, the main character, has to learn from the very beginning is that endurance is a quality she owns she needs acknowledge and respect but more importantly, realise eyes wide-open how far it can get her. For her to finally learn that she is stronger than she thinks and is capable of getting through even the worst of travesties.

Iliana is faced with a ‘sink or swim’ situation, she can either crest the waves crashing on her or go under. Thankfully in the story, she finds her courage to not just survive all that befalls her, but to even meet her fears head on like she must with the Xinger – the deadly, vile creature that chases her into the Otherworld.

Life comes with trails that can take ugly forms, from family emergencies to grief to financial collapse. These situations make or break us, and I think one of the key messages in Return of the Starchild can be summed up in the well-known phrase, ‘What Doesn’t Kill you, Makes you Stronger.’

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